Yesterday we showed the first leaked render of the much-rumoured Nokia 9 PureView. The render showed all of the cameras on the rear (apparently 5) as well as possibly an in-display fingerprint sensor. Today we now see a video leak which not just confirms these details but shows much more.

Leaked by MySmartPrice the new video looks to be an official promo video by Nokia. The Nokia 9 PureView is set to be Nokia’s flagship for 2019 and is specced to be just that.

As seen in the video below along with the five Zeiss rear cameras which can capture ten times as much light and refocus after the shot, Nokia have included an in-display fingerprint sensor, Qi Wireless charging and a Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

Running Android Pie (Android One) it promises to be a great flagship without the usual flagship price. Nokia phones are a favourite of us here at Ausdroid thanks to their decent specs, decent design and Android One (or Android Go) at relatively cheap prices.

In 2019 Nokia looks set to continue this recipe for great phones if the Nokia 9 PureView is anything to go by.

Source: MySmartPrice YouTube.
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Adam J

There’s usually a key feature missing on the Nokia phones. Wonder if this will have NFC? 😉


Bit disappointed with rounded screen corners (why?), no stereo front facing speaker on the lower bezel, and would prefer larger battery over 5 cameras and below screen fp reader, but at least it has headphone jack and no notch. Definitely considering. Fingers crossed the price is sensible.


Quote: “it promises to be a great flagship without the usual flagship price.”

How do we know it’ll be priced lower than other flagship phones? With five cameras, all with Zeiss optics, it’s going to be very hard for this to be low priced.

Chris Rowland

Nokia have done a great job of keeping every other phone they’ve made well below the cost of others.


Wow that looks impressive, but I prefer quality (Pixel single camera) over quantity (Nokia 9 five cameras), but if their camera/s are quality and do 5 different things usefully and beautifully, then this could be the first non Nexus/Pixel phone I will buy in many years!!


That sounds pretty good! Will keep an eye on it


If they say it has a headphone jack then it ends up being basically a perfect phone (based upon the rumours).


The world is going USB-C. Laptops, pads, phones. Even iPhone will be USB-C by October. It’s going to be hard to find a device that’s not USB-C.


At 0:04 it looks like there is a headphone jack on the lower left of the phone.