Augmented reality is relatively new to the mobile scene but some manufacturers are finding new and innovative ways to use AR in the promotion of their brands and their products.

OnePlus have done that with their new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. Not only have OnePlus partnered with supercar and Formula 1 car manufacturer McLaren to produce a stunning phone that is FAST (with 10GB of RAM it would want to be) but they have once again packaged the phone in a stylish manner.

Unboxing the phone you can see that the packaging is incredibly stylish and is a long way from the plain boxes phones used to arrive in a few short years ago. There is a carbon fibre-styled, McLaren branded phone case, a collectable piece of carbon fibre set in a nice glass/plastic collectable dust collector, a brightly McLaren orange-coloured woven USB-C cable and WARP charger. There is also a booklet included within the box and the phone itself is housed within the last page of the booklet.

The booklet within the package of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition tells the story of both OnePlus and McLaren. Seems simple right but not only is there a great story written there but open up the McLaren AR app on the phone, point the camera at the book and the story comes alive. As you can see below the use of AR with the booklet of this packaging is not only a great idea but very well done.

Having seen this use for AR within the promotion of a phone it would not surprise me to see it used a lot more by companies. It is a nice touch to make a phone seem more premium.

As for the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, it IS INDEED a premium phone and well worth the money. Dan loved the OnePlus 6T when he reviewed it and I can see why.

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Just got the 6T. MacLaren addition more than 1 wanted to spend. Hope you enjoy it. Wassup charge would be great