Password Managers are an essential security tool for being online in 2019 and if you’re not using one you’re probably at risk of a data breach. For those unfamiliar with the essentials of good online security habits check this out.

For those of you looking for a password manager, or perhaps those considering leaving their current provider for some reason, the Mozilla foundation would like you to consider their offering, Firefox Lockbox.

We had a brief look at the app / service and it has all of the essential functionality of a password manager including vault encryption, auto password creation, cross-device sync, and easy access on multiple platforms. The new app they have launched on Android follows an earlier trial on iOS, meaning that you can now use Firefox Lockbox on any desktop Firefox browser, Android and iOS.

Obviously this is more suited to those already using the Firefox browser as all of the passwords you’ve already stored in that service will automatically be available in the Lockbox app. As there are not currently extensions for other browsers it does kind of make it mostly useful for existing Firefox users.

If that’s you then perhaps you should checkout the new app on the Play Store.

Firefox Lockwise
Firefox Lockwise
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free
Source: Mozilla.
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    Phill Edwards

    Not much use if it doesn’t support Chrome. Brave call whoever made that decision.