We heard a few months ago that Microsoft was looking at moving its Edge browser to use Chromium under its hood. Today Microsoft officially unveiled its first build for Windows 10 in their Dev and Canary build channels.

While this is still a testing version of the updated browser, it is open to anyone to test. For those just here for a link, here it is, head on over and try it out for yourself. You can select to install either the Dev or Canary build or both side by side.

The Canary build will get nightly updates and the dev channel will receive a weekly update. Typically the Dev build is more reliable, and when it reaches beta, it will be even more stable. At the moment only Windows 10 versions are available but Microsoft has promised support for more platforms in the near future.

If you’re not the beta testing type, hold fast, Microsoft has committed to bringing Beta and stable builds out as soon as they can. I’m unfortunately away from my base office this week and am only traveling with a Chromebook as such I’ll have to wait to download the goodies for myself.

The big question most of us will have is what browser extensions are supported and how well do they work. Early indications are that Chrome extensions are working, and working well. We will certainly be testing out a few of our favorites.

While some have criticized Microsoft for adopting Chromium as it will further empower Google’s Open source browser’s dominance, many have also rejoiced at having one less web platform to develop for.

While I wouldn’t want just one browser, choice is good after all, let’s face it Edge wasn’t going to take over the world, if you can’t beat them, join them?

Will you be testing Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser for yourself? Let us know below.

Source: Microsoft.
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Daniel Gray

I will try it, I use edge on my phone as well, so hoping syncing of passwords and favourites works early on.


I downloaded the new version and it is certianly faster