The OnePlus hypetrain is once again steam rolling towards their launch but this time the addition to the hypetrain has not been added by OnePlus but by a well known leaker, IceUniverse.

IceUniverse has posted a couple of pictures of what are apparently OnePlus 7 Pro screen protectors. The protectors do not tell us a heap that we don’t already know but do give an indication of what the front of the phone will look like.

The screen protectors have some of the smallest bezels we have seen on a phone — on all sides. The bezel at the bottom looks to be tiny, assuming the screen protector goes all the way to the edge of the phone. You can also see the curved nature of the display on the screen protectors.

It looks like OnePlus really have gone premium on this device and the OnePlus 7 Pro looks set to be a winner for them although this will be their first foray into the premium pricing range so nothing is guaranteed.

We will see the OnePlus 7 Pro be launched in New York in a couple of weeks time where everything will be revealed. We all hope the phone is a raging success and OnePlus decide to expand to Australia.

Source: IceUniverse.
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It’s always good to know which quality phones we can’t buy in Australia.


“… and OnePlus decide to expand to Australia.” Amen to that.