We’ve been fond of Motorola phones for a while in these parts, and the Lenovo-owned company seems to be buying all the right points lately. With the G series update now hitting the market, it’s time to look towards the company’s higher-spec Z series.

A tweet from Evan Blass over the weekend show the upcoming Motorola Z4 from all sides, allowing us a good look at the phone. There’s a few notable features.


Firstly, it’s – of course – a compatible with the modular Moto Mod system for adding features to your phone (one at a time). The pogo pins on the back, and the flat rear of the phone betray this feature, which isn’t surprising anyway. Motorola’s spent a while building an interesting ecosystem of add-ons that the phone will be able to use, from speakers to entire cameras and – most notably of late – even a 5G upgrade.

Working with Moto Mods brings some restrictions in terms of hardware design – the phone’s got to keep the basic dimensions of what’s come before it, but the Z4 extends the screen in all directions. There’s no longer space on the front for the “motorola” word mark, with minimal top/bottom bezels and a waterdrop notch top centre of the display.

More interesting is the fact that the render only shows a single camera lens in the now-familiar Moto camera bump, where the Z3 had a dual shooter. Perhaps this is an early render.

There’s also no obvious fingerprint reader, leading to suspicion that the Z4 will feature an in-screen sensor like its’ contemporaries.

Finally, there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack alongside the USB-C port on the bottom edge.

Motorola tends to announce Z series phones around the middle of the year and bring them to market fairly quickly. The Z3 was announced in August, while the Z2 was a June baby. We’ll definitely be entering the launch window soon.

Source: Evleaks.
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Christopher Waters

I own a Z2 force and love the mods that are available, love the z series phones very good and excellent battery life I will def be buying the Z4

Matthew Lampe

I have found the mods, especially the extended batteries and the hasselblad optical zoom camera great additions to the phone!


I love the moto from the series for mods…


I love the Z3 with the mods, especially enjoy the projector. I pop a movie up everywhere I travel. I even use the projector mod to project presentation from my laptop when meetings rooms are without projectors. I will be first to buy Z4.