Samsung had a very public misstep when they sent out early revisions of the Galaxy Fold to high profile reviewers and influencers with the display and its durability coming under fire.

Those who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold were given the option of continuing to wait in line or to cancel their pre-order last week. Given this statement many assumed that the actual device would not be ready for public consumption for quite some time.

Now CEO Koh Dong-jin has told the Korean Herald that they have “reviewed the defect caused from substances (that entered the device)” and that they “will reach a conclusion in a couple of days (on the launch)”. When asked if the Galaxy Fold would land in the US in the next month Mr Koh said that they “will not be too late” suggesting that they are going to launch it sooner rather than later — this month has been suggested.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally scheduled to launch on April 26 but was obviously postponed after the display issues surfaced. Samsung has completed their inspections of the damaged devices (those damaged by substances entering the gap in the fold, not those damaged when removing the “do not remove” plastic coating) and are apparently in the process of working on a fix so that this does not occur in the future.

According to the Korean Herald the measures to circumvent this occurring again including strengthening the “exposed areas of the hinge” and “minimising” the gap through which substances can enter the device.

As for when it is released we will know for sure in the next few days but you would expect it would not be this month as they will still need to do more testing of their fixes before “mass” producing the device for consumers. Even a company as big as Samsung you would expect to take longer than couple of weeks to complete.

Hopefully Samsung don’t rush it this time and produce something that could be revolutionary for the industry.

Source: Korean Herald.
Via: Pocketnow.