Samsung have had issues with the Galaxy Fold and as such stopped the launch earlier this year amid displays breaking for various reasons. Now it seems that they have delayed it even more in a bid to get it right this time, no exception.

A report has arisen out of Korea today stating that the hardware stabilisation has been slower than expected and the release date is still uncertain. Samsung apparently hope to have devices in the hands of carriers in the next few weeks where they will have to be re-certified with the various regulatory bodies before they can be unleashed on the public.

Samsung have said that:

The release schedule has not been decided, and we are in a position to announce the launch schedule in a few weeks.

One industry insider told YNA that due to Huawei’s ongoing issues with the US Government and their Entity List Samsung have more time to get it right and yet still be first to market. It seems crazy that they were set to release a sub-par device to market just to be ‘first’. It lends itself to the “never buy first generation” theory many people live by and rightfully so.

With June upon us in just a few days we expect to hear a date for release towards the end of June and expect that date to come in July but of course all of this is speculation and it will take as long as it takes for Samsung to get it right this time. Without the Mate X shadow looming large they will hopefully take as long as required to get it right.

Even if Samsung take their time and supposedly get it right would you consider buying the first generation Galaxy Fold?

Source: YNA.
Via: Sammobile.