Microsoft is building more features into its Windows 10 Your Phone companion app, with the addition of a basic form of notification management announced today.

Notifications appear in a new section within the app on your desktop or laptop. You can dismiss them, but can’t yet use Quick Reply features.

Besides notifications, the questionably-named-but-very-useful Your Phone app allows you to read and reply to text messages, syncs over your recent photos, and plenty of other useful things.

You’ll need to be running an up to date build of Windows 10, and version 1.19052.657.0 of the app. If the feature isn’t yet available for you, give it a couple of days – they’re at about 50% rollout.

Source: Microsoft Store.
Via: Android Central.
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Adam J

It amazes me how long Microsoft are taking to implement basic features that have been present in the ‘Join by joaoapps’ app for so long.