The Nvidia Shield TV was originally released in 2015 and received a small refresh in 2017. Two years later it looks likely to be refreshed again as rumours circulate the Internet of a new controller and remote in development. Overnight a new Shield TV was seen passing FCC certification suggesting an announcement is imminent.

The new Shield TV that has appeared on the FCC website is clearly labelled the “P3430 SHIELD Android TV Game Console” from the Nvidia Corporation. The details on the new device are sparse and there are no images unfortunately. The device will come with an upgraded chipset according to Cordcutternews with the processor listed is the Tegra X1 “T210 B01″ instead of the Tegra X1 “A2” that is used in the current version. Given the naming is similar we expect the processor to be a minor upgrade.

There are no details when it will be released but we would expect Nvidia to want to release it before Google release their Stadia gaming platform later this year (in the US that is). With the FCC details being made public today you would expect Nvidia to have an announcement in the coming few weeks.

As a user of the current version of the Shield TV you can bet that I will be at the front of the line to buy the new one (not that there is anything wrong with the old one) because I will have three TVs soon and the Shield TV offers the best Android TV experience available in 2019.

Source: FCC.
Via: XDA.