Curved screen edges have been in vogue for some time, but OPPO’s latest prototype display takes it to another level.

OPPO’s new “waterfall screen” extends the display nearly all the way down the sides of the device. The results are that there’s no visible side bezels when the screen is viewed from the front, and some questions. Where will the physical buttons go? Can I hold it without unintended touch response? What sort of rituals are happening in OPPO’s R&D labs?

Additionally, while the display certainly looks impressive, the sides are ultimately useless – if they’re not interactive, they’re just more screen draining your battery without a real-world advantage. But at least you’ll have some of the highest screen-to-body ratio on the block.

OPPO isn’t a company that shies away from putting concepts onto the retail market, so this screen design could release on an upcoming device. If other teasers are to be believed, a new OPPO phone could feature an under-display selfie camera as well.

Via: The Verge.
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tee hee… cannot wait to see a drop test with this thing!