One of the most enduring personal audio products in recent years is the over-ear noise cancelling headset – it’s popular with long and short haul travelers who want to hear their music, podcasts and more in peace and quiet – that’s exactly the audience Samsung is looking for with its new AKG N700 NM2 headphones.

Samsung came to the AKG brand through its acquisition of Harmon Kardon and its related brands a few years ago. They’ve been integrating the name across their portfolio, with the tagline “tuned by AKG” appearing on a variety of products – a good way to get the brand in front of consumers.

The AKG N700 is a range that’s been around for a while, but is getting a bit of a refresh with the NCM2 variant.

Samsung’s drawing attention to the premium finish and materials used in construction, from leatherette memory foam ear cushions to metal extension beams in the padded headband, they’re designed to feel like a high end accessory you’ll carry with you on your next fight. They also fold flat to fit into your bag when they’re not in use.

Technology-wise, the headphones tell a familiar story. They’re Bluetooth cans that pack active noise cancelling technology that can be reversed to better hear the ambient sound around you when needed, and there’s an on-device app you can use to customise settings (equaliser, etc).

The headphones charge from a USB C connection in 3 hours, with 23 hours wireless noise cancelling runtime that jumps to 32 hours if you use them on a wired connection. You should finish your flight(s) before they give up on you.

Samsung wants the AKG brand to be front of mind for consumers confusing new headphones, a household name alongside their Galaxy brand. It’s not quite there yet – they certainly face some stiff competition – but a few solid product releases will go a long way to cementing that reputation.

The AKG NM700 NM2 headphones are priced at $499 and will be appearing at retail in the next few weeks.