ALDIMobile has launched new mobile and data plans with new allowances to better meet the needs of its customers. All new plans features unlimited standard calls and SMS, and generous data inclusions.

Some plans even include unlimited international calls and SMS to 15 select countries, and up to 400 minutes and 50 SMS to a further 35 countries.

Starting at just $15, the ALDIMobile small plan includes 3GB of data, and you jump all the way to 18GB of data on the $25 Large plan.

For $35 a month, users get 35GB of data, and for $45 and $55, you get 48GB and 60GB of data respectively. The message here? There’s a lot of data to go around for not an awful lot of expense.

On all but the small plans, the international inclusions can be found too. There’s unlimited calls and SMS to 15 countries and 100 minutes and 50 SMS to 35 further countries on the Large $25 plan, all the way up to 400 minutes and 50 SMS to those 35 countries on the Jumbo $55 plan.

Here’s the full plan layout:


All the new plans are available on the ALDIMobile website.

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No wifi calling or sms (unlike Telstra), and only a worse than Vodafone portion of the Telstra network… Just left Aldi, and I’m so glad

Gera Fussell

One does have to be careful when travelling in the out back as Aldi plans DO not include the full Telstra coverage. We experienced this recently when we were approximately 200 kms south of Alice Springs where other more expensive Telstra users did have coverage. But we with our Aldi plan did not.


I’ve been recommending Aldi Mobile to friends and family for ages; their inclusions are brilliant and it’s all based on the Telstra network. Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles has been really handy for me.


Albeit Telstra Wholesale 4G network so the coverage is not as good as Telstra Retail.