Late last year we saw a prototype of a new OnePlus device that was purported to be a 5G device. Today we have seen a leak showing the same rear camera array as back then suggesting that the prototype may well be the next OnePlus device.

Evan Blass tweeted overnight an image of a OnePlus device showing a large circular, much like the array expected on the Huawei Mate 30 next month. He tweeted the image in relation to a Tweet by Ishan Agarwal that showed a prototype OnePlus phone being talked about in an internal meeting at OnePlus suggesting that it is the same device. The image from Evan is a sketch apparently made by OnePlus.

It stands to reason that if Evan is sending this image out there now it is possibly a device that is coming soon, very soon. We have seen OnePlus already talk about their upcoming 5G device and there are suggestions that this device with the circular array could well be it. It remains to be seen if the 5G device though is the OnePlus 7T or another device entirely.

The size of the camera array on the rear gives the impression that OnePlus will be moving to a quad camera array that includes a depth sensing lens but of course we will have to wait to find out more. Given that no one seems to be able to keep upcoming devices secret anymore we have no doubt that we will learn about it in more detail in the next couple of months before it is officially announced.

Hopefully a “global 5G device” means that it may be sold here in Australia — keep your fingers crossed for that one but don’t hold your breath.

Source: Evan Blass.