At an event featuring a brass band and views of a warehouse complex the likes of which I last saw in 2001, HMD Global showed off a range of new phones both smart and feature, including a must-have new “Originals” series flip phone.

In the smartphone category, HMD showed off the new Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, two phones encapsulating the best in Nordic design, with powerful cameras, brilliant displays and Nokia’s signature two day battery life.

In feature phones, HMD has phones ranging from just $20 USD (in the form of the Nokia 110) through to the ultra-desirable Nokia 2720 Flip which might be the first foldable phone to actually go on sale in more than one market in 2019.

HMD’s focus remains clearly on a single belief – technology and innovation should make life better, and that connectivity should truly empower everyone, said CEO Florian Seiche. It’s clear HMD is proud of its focus on security features also, with monthly security updates and the latest Android release running across its entire smart portfolio.

The Nokia 6.2 features a 6.3-inch bright Full HD+ display featuring PureDisplay technology. What’s this mean? Stunning visual experiences, a dedicated display co-processor that upscales SDR content to HDR and that can differentiate between a claimed 1 billion shades of colour.

With two-day battery life and a triple-camera array, the Nokia 6.2 is a phone priced for everyone but offering most of the features of a flagship in a much more affordable package.

As with most Nokia smartphones from HMD, the build quality and design are breathtaking for such affordable devices. The in-hand feel was every bit the equal of premium phones costing two to three times as much, and the Nokia 6.2 is priced at just 209 EUR.

The Nokia 7.2 takes this a step further, introducing a 48MP main camera with Zeiss quality optics. This slightly more premium phone features the same PureDisplay 6.3-inch panel as the Nokia 6.2, but a significantly more capable camera module that uses three sensors to achieve some stunning effects, including a portrait mode that combines HDR, low-light performance as well as a quality background defocus / bokeh effect.

Better yet, when the Nokia 7.2 is plugged in to power, it can activate Google Assistant Ambient Mode, which turns the phone into a digital photo frame that can also control smart home devices and keep you up to date with your notifications.

Under the hood, Nokia 7.2 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 4 or 6GB RAM options, and 64/128GB storage. Android 9 Pie is ranged for launch, but we understand Android 10 will be just around the corner for the Nokia 7.2 (and likely the 6.2 as well)

This is a phone that you’ll be proud to call your own, and in a charging stand on your desk or night stand, it will be a beautiful addition to your smart home as well. It goes on sale for 299 EUR, and will be available in Cyan Green, Charcoal (Black) and Ice (White).

Both the new Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 will continue HMD’s use of Android One operating system, and this includes guaranteed security updates for three years, and major OS updates for two years. Android One is the closest thing to a pure Android experience you can find outside of a phone made by Google (and one might well argue these are better priced and better designed than some of those, too).

For those that just can’t give up the headphone jack, HMD has you covered – both phones include the 3.5mm port for you.

When it comes to HMD’s Nokia-branded feature phones, the company knows it’s in a strong place. It’s one of the few brands dedicating significant resources to the feature phone market, and that perseverance has paid off – HMD is moving these phones in the hundreds of millions to both developing and developed countries in equal measure. They’re popular, and to meet that demand, Nokia’s announced a few new ones.

The Nokia 800 Tough caught my eye; being a properly rugged phone (not just a tough-as-nails Nokia 3310), its designed to go to war, with IP68 rating and passing all 13 tests for Mil-spec 810g rating, you can drop, throw, sit on or chock wheels with the Nokia 800 Tough and it’ll keep on working. Whether on the work site, Australia’s tough outback or even (probably) in an active warzone, the Nokia 800 Tough truly seems like a rock.

Amongst this toughness, you’ll find a 2.4-inch display and 4GB of on-board storage, and it accepts 32GB MicroSD cards to pop photos and music on. Being a feature phone, the other specs are probably less exciting, but standouts are full 4G LTE support (including VoLTE and VoWiFi where supported), Bluetooth 4.1 and a torch bright enough to see through time.

Besides being tough, it includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and 4G hotspot support. It also has an outstanding 43 days standby capability, and all this in a package priced at just 109 Euros.


For those looking for a bit of nostalgia, the Nokia 2720 Flip will be right up your alley. HMD has designed this phone with the accessibility market in mind, but it’s for everyone. Featuring an alluring flip design, it includes 2019 elements such as 4G, Facebook and WhatsApp, a 27 day standby time and an 89 Euro price. With a 1.3-inch display outside to display notifications, caller ID etc, you can answer calls just by flipping it open. Inside, there’s a larger 2.8-inch display with adjustable resolution so it can be used equally well by those with low vision.

Internally, the Nokia 2720 Flip is much the same as the company’s other feature phones – 4GB storage, MicroSD expansion options, full 4G LTE implementation and 4G hot spot function.

Acknowledging that the Nokia 2720 Flip might be given to people’s parents, it also includes a safety function where – at a single button press – an alert can be sent to up to 5 contacts by phone call and SMS to make sure help is on the way when it’s needed.

All HMD’s new phones will be available in the coming months, and while Australian pricing hasn’t been confirmed, the European reference pricing has been given above, and we understand Australian pricing will follow pretty closely on a conversion basis.

Once local release details are confirmed we’ll share these with you.

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Dean Rosolen

I have my eye on the 2720 Flip for my mum (the battery on her current phone – also a flip phone – is draining too quickly and the outer screen is damaged). Hoping that Australian release details come through sooner rather than later.

Jeni Skunk

Did either the Nokia 6.2 or 7.2 have a headphone socket?