Earlier this year Alphabets Project Wing lost the project title and launched an aerial drone delivery service in Canberra, since then they have also gone live in some US cities. This month they are launching in their second Australian City, Logan.

More specifically deliveries will be available in Crestmeand and Marsden and to start with users will be able to order good from Extraction Artisan Coffee, Friendly Grocer, Crestmead and Browns Plains Hardware.

I can see it now, you’re about to start a days handy manning, you pull out the app, order a coffee, some raisin bread and the screws you forgot to pick up.

Wing chief executive James Ryan Burgess has stated that thanks to resident feedback from the Canberra trial they have made modifications to the propellers and motors to quietening down the drones. What’s better these new lower toned drones will be used in Logan.

Deliveries will only be in the selected regions and will not be at night, at least for the foreseeable future.ย  The Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority have signed off on the test in Brisbane’s southern neighbour and Wing is hoping to have everything in place by the end of the month.

If you live in either Crestmean or Marsden and you want to experience the fun of having things dropshipoped to your backyard then head on over to Wings website and sign up. If you’re a local business in Logan Wing seems to be looking for new partners in the local area too,

One of our writers lives in Brisbane and works very close to the selected test suburbs. We have contacted the Wing PR team and, hopefully, Duncan may be getting the aerial delivery coffee of his dreams.

Source: Brisbanetimes.
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Jeni Skunk

I hope this experiment by Google turns out to be an unmitigated disaster.

Scott Plowman

why is that?

Jeni Skunk

Firstly, the foreign corporation, Google, is being given the freedom to operate its drones in urban airspace, where ordinary Australians cannot legally do so.
Secondly, opening up the urban airspace to organized corporate interests, when the generic public operate their drones in ignorance of the law will lead to the probability of air crashes.
Thirdly, what little legal remaining right to privacy Australians have, is being chucked out the window in the name of Corporate Big Money.
Fourthly, birdstrike, where birds attack drones as an airborne intruder. Magpies and crows vs drones.

Chris Rowland

To respond to some of these points: – Google is operating this project with the approval of authorities. Their status as a foreign corporation is irrelevant. If a local company wanted to trial technology like this, they likely could, provided they could meet the safety requirements etc. as Google has undoubtedly had to demonstrate. – It’s probably hard to be 100% sure on this, but one would expect that CASA would require Google’s drone operating envelope to be generally out of reach of the recreational drone operating envelope. If a recreational flyer breaches their obligations and causes a Google drone… Read more ยป


So, Scott, you asked Jeni “Why?” She has responded – what do you say?