Xiaomi appears to be launching some phones next week, andit looks like they’re heavily hinting at the launch of a phone with a folding screen and the name Mi Mix Alpha.

A video surfaced earlier that purported to be a folding Xiaomi phone. The phone in question has a wide aspect ratio but could fold down to a standard phone shape with a folding mechanism on the left and right edges.

Xiaomi hasn’t said much about the product. At the time it was christened “Mi Fold”, but they may have changed over the course of the year. But the internet never forgets.

The poster above shows an obvious screen curved around the edge of a phone, and another below teases “beyond 100% screen” – which seems difficult to accomplish without some kind of folding technology.

Finally, one last teaser poster talks about how Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, implying that this phone will be the first at… Something.

There’s also 5G hints on the posters, and the company had a big 5G promotional space at MWC earlier this year. Those folding display hints can’t be ignored, though. Perhaps it’s both.

With Xiaomi phones now available on the Australian market, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this launch at 2pm next Tuesday, September 24.

Source: GizChina.
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wow xiaomi is stepping up they game, if it is indeed 100% screen to body ratio that would be a first, but it does also look like they foldable phone