When Samsung’s Note 10 range was released, the collective sighs of Galaxy S10 owners could be heard, knowing that their phones had been superseded and in a fairly reasonable way – Samsung’s Note 10 would get a range of new camera and software features that, at the time, the Galaxy S10 range was not to receive.

However, Galaxy S10 owners need not give up just yet. Samsung is working on a software update for the flagship phone range which will bring a range of Note 10 features back to the S10 range, including popular camera modes and DeX on Windows.

The crew at XDA Developers has been digging through the changelog for an early software update seen on an S10 handset, and can confirm that the following features are almost certain to be backported to the Galaxy S10 range:

  • Enhanced Live Focus
  • Live Focus Video
  • AR Doodle
  • Night mode for the front-facing camera
  • Super steady modes
  • DeX for PC
  • Dynamic Lock Screen
  • Link to Windows

Of these, the camera features aren’t too exciting for me but most S10 owners will welcome the new features.

What’s caught my attention is the DeX for PC application, which allows you to plug your phone into your PC using just a USB-C cable, and you can see your phone interface on your desktop. As someone who gets a lot of daily use out of his phone – for calls, messages, apps I use during the day for work, and more – this is going to be a very helpful feature for me.

The update seen by XDA Developers includes the September 2019 security patches from Google, which suggests that the software update might not be too far away.

At this stage, it appears to be available in Germany and Switzerland, suggesting that the Exynos-based handsets around the world are likely to see it ahead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon-based US models.

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Geoff Fieldew

Live focus video 👍