OnePlus has for the last few years introduced a second flagship at the end of the year, updating their mid-year flagship with the latest hardware and a few new software tricks. Early this morning they have announced the update to their OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 7T — at this stage this is all that was announced and we expect the Pro to be announced at another time.

The OnePlus 7T is extremely similar to it’s mid-year sibling with a few hardware improvements — and this is not a bad thing because at the price range the OnePlus 7T is hitting it puts nearly every single other phone in that range to shame with its value for money, both with specs and most likely user experience.

That display

This time OnePlus have included their much flaunted and very expensive 6.5-inch 90Hz fluid AMOLED display into the 7T. The display can be used in the slower 60 Hz that most other manufacturers include but having used this fluid 90Hz display before if you get hold of one of these you will never run it at anything other than 90Hz — it’s that good.

That design

This year OnePlus have changed the design of the 7T compared to its mid-year sibling. This time the vertical triple rear camera is now horizontal with the entire module setup encased in a black circle. Once again OnePlus have gone with a matte-frosted glass covering the rear of the phone, this time in new colours — the 7T arrives in Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue.

The 7T continues with the teardrop notch which is 30% smaller than the OnePlus 7 giving a near full screen display.

That speed

OnePlus have made some of the fastest phones of any Android manufacturer at the time. I personally put that down to them hiring developers from the custom ROM community right from the get-go but whatever the reason they fly.

The 7T should be much of the same thanks to an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor combined with UFS 3.0 storage — say goodbye to any bottlenecks anywhere associated with the hardware of the phones. The 7T this time arrives with 8GB of RAM as a standard

Speed can also be found in the battery charging with OnePlus with once again their Warp Charge, now Warp Charge 30T, meaning that it arrives with the 7T variant. It can fully charge the 3800mAh battery from empty to 70% in just half an hour and to full in a single hour — 23% faster than the Warp Charge 30 could. The charging mechanism is able to keep the charging speeds high while simultaneously keeping the phone body cool, even while playing a graphically-intensive game.

The speed will once again be included in the software with OxygenOS 10 pre-loaded on every 7T. The OnePlus 7T will actually be the first phone to arrive with Android 10 with Google services preloaded out of the box. Yes, OnePlus made a point of mentioning that their device will come preloaded with Google’s apps and services — something that never used to need to be pointed out.

That camera?

The camera is now encased in a circular module which houses pretty much the same lenses as before.

The OnePlus 7T features the 48MP Sony IMX586 lens with f/1.6 and OIS. The main lens is complimented with a 12MP 2x optical zoom lens and a 16MP ultra-wide lens with 117 degree FOV.

OnePlus have also been working on the camera software with a new Macro Mode which has a focal distance of just 2.5cm. The new software also allows users to shoot videos interchangeably between all three lenses, all with some form of stabilising technology resulting in their hybrid image stabilisation. The ultra-wide lens can also now be used within Nightscape mode now which is new from the OnePlus 7.

OnePlus always strives to deliver the best technology and ‘fast and smooth’ experience possible to its users. The OnePlus 7T is a combination of style and substance, with industry – leading technology including the super smooth 90 Hz display, and new triple-camera set-up, and an unmatched user experience. Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus

The OnePlus 7T will be available from October 18 in Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver at for US$599 and at T-Mobile stores throughout the US. It will also be available in various countries throughout Europe from various carriers and online stores. As always your best bet is often the OnePlus website itself if you are in any country where they ship to.

Once again there is/was no good news for Australians with OnePlus continuing to miss out our minnow of a country with a population a fraction of their main markets. It was a bit of a surprise to everyone that there was no older sibling to the OnePlus 7 Pro announced but we expect that to arrive in the coming weeks — if it actually does.

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No mention of the TV?

Anthony Sullivan

Wouldn’t mind if JB Hifi were to start offering OnePlus phones, loving that they sell Vivo and Xiaomi phones,


still loving my 6t. I would not buy from anyone else for now.