Samsung has released the Android 10 update for its 2019 flagship Galaxy S10 series, bringing the latest Android OS version to Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ owners. The update, made available in the US in the last few days, is began arriving for US customers on Verizon and T-Mobile, and the update is now available for unlocked handsets as well. The US joins Australia, New Zealand and other countries around the world in receiving the update .. though it’s quite unusual that Australia has started receiving the update first this time around.

The build number for the new release is G97xU1UEU2CSKP for unlocked handsets in the US, and likely this firmware will become available online soon for those who don’t want to wait for the update to arrive. Be careful, though, as Australian-sold Galaxy S10 series handsets include Exynos processors, which aren’t used in the US.

The update brings all the expected Android 10 features, including new navigation gestures, Samsung’s own One UI 2.0 interface, and new features like a screen recorded, enhanced dark/night mode which can darken the wallpaper as well as user interface, improved facial recognition for unlock and a better Pro camera mode.

The update also includes the December 2019 Android security update. Be prepared for a sizable download though – in the US, the OTA update file is around 2GB in size, so you might want to hop on WiFi to download this update – the Australian OTA is equally large.


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Any idea when it will land on S10 5G on Telstra


Anyone have any issues with GPay since upgrading their S10 to Android 10?
I can no longer use my phone to pay now.. and even when I switched to Samsung Pay it rejects at the terminal

Bruce Langborne

I have it on a Telstra S10 for nearly a week now

Jamie S

Huh? Didn’t this update come to Australia last week?