We are not far from CES 2020 starting and now we are starting to see companies announce their products prior to the trade show. Swann have joined the party with some upgraded products alongside a new camera.

The three products Swann have released are a next generation Wire-Free Security Camera and Wire-Free Doorbell & Chime and a new security tracker cameras.

Swann Wire-Free Security Camera

Swann have updated their wireless security camera with a camera that can be used indoor or outdoors. The 1080P camera has a very wide 180 degree viewing angle with optional facial recognition capabilities included in the camera. Using smarter alerts it can recognised up to 10 peoples faces at no extra cost (we assume the facial recognition is more money to begin with).

The camera includes the usual two-way talk and onboard memory for storage of footage.

Swann Wire-Free Video Doorbell & Chime

Swann have also updated their wireless doorbell into a smaller, sleeker and better looking package. This time the doorbell is 1080P, also with a wide 180 degree viewing angle. It also includes the optional 10-person facial recognition capabilities as well as two-way talk. the doorbell includes a battery-powered chime unit with a choice of 36 melodies.

Swann Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera

The Swann Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera is the world’s first compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt security camera that includes Direction Detection. The camera uses Light Flow Detection to auto-track and record moving objects without having to physically pan or tilt. It also features auto-zoom to target suspicious activity with recording to a microSD card on-device.

All cameras integrate into the Swann Security ecosystem built around their app and is completely integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

At this stage Australian availability dates and pricing is yet to be announced but we do expect them to come here and soon.