These days a lot of work is done while mobile and often mobile keyboards, whether attached to a phone or a tablet, can be less than ideal in their typing experience. Samsung have come up with a solution they are calling Selfie Type.

In demo mode at CES this week Samsung are showing off a new technology that uses AI technology to allow typing detection by the selfie camera. Although something similar exists with laser projection the new technology from Samsung makes use of your device’s selfie camera.

It uses this and machine learning / AI to track each individual movement of your fingers and apparently it seems you will need to keep your wrists in the same location: although you would expect that using the AI component it would not only track the hand location but combine that with what it is expecting you to type and thus be able to alter the location of the virtual and invisible “keyboard” in real time.

As the week goes on we will undoubtedly see sites getting hands on with the new technology so we will hopefully learn more then about its accuracy and speed. I dare say the key travel will be less than any other keyboard you have tried.

Source: The Verge.
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Jeni Skunk

Looks like an interesting idea, using the selfie cam to do motion capture, by focusing on your wrists, and hand joints, and turning that data into useful document production.
It’s not something I can see myself using, though, as I’ve never been able to master touch typing. 🙁

Daniel Narbett

Ermahgerd that’s very cool (if it works of course). Any word on whether it’ll be available on existing devices (I assume so) and when it’ll be released?