We’re always monitoring to see which banks and financial institutions are addling Google Pay support (check out the complete list here), but today we noticed a card with a slight difference, it’s primarily a debit travel card.

TransferWise in an Australian based “borderless digital bank”. The company specialises in low cost currency transfer and conversion primarily for travel and expats. Chris has been using TransferWise since it became available, and can’t speak highly enough about its ease of use overseas.

That said, we’re not here to advice on the financial side of their offering. That said, I have long wanted a travel card that I could use in Google Pay. Having to carry cash is archaic, and carrying plastic cards almost as much, but having a travel money card in my Google Pay is just amazing.

Despite the fact that tap to pay is not ubiquitous everywhere internationally, and in some countries it really is cash or nothing, in many shops the OPTION of Google Pay would be great. This mightn’t be so useful in the US – which seems to avoid tap and pay in many places – but throughout Europe it’s a blessing.

Now with the TransferWise Debit MasterCard you can have that option. If you’ve been looking for a Google Pay compatible travel card, why not check it out.

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    The basic question that is not answered is… Why would you have a ‘travel money card?’

    There are numerous ‘neobsnks’ now operating, such as Xinja, 86000 and Up. Some offer debit Mastercards with no international currency conversion fees. They also work with GPay. Why do people need travel cards?


    I wonder how many decades it will take the still primarily cash only society of Japan, to seriously begin the take-up of this.


    Not sure, but is this better or worse than accounts like ING or Macquarie’s, which don’t have international transaction fees and both have Google Pay?


    ING uses Visa’s Rates for FX
    Tranferwise – you can do FX prior to transaction – skipping visa.

    This may be better or worse depending on the rates.



    Eg. right now for AUD/GBP:

    Visa: 1 AUD = 0.515066 GBP
    TW: 1 AUD = 0.518026 GBP

    So – In order to convert 10K AUD

    ING you will get 5,150.66‬ GBP
    TW you will get 5,180.26‬ GBP


    Perhaps if it’s consistently better, and without really turning my mind to fees (if any), it might be worth it? Otherwise it seems like a lot of hassle and a gamble to save 0.3% on exchange rates.


    I wish Google pay had an MST equivalent to Samsung pay. It would solve the North American problem of old, swipe terminals.

    Chris Rowland

    I noticed recently in San Fran for example a *lot* of places are using NFC card readers attached to smart tills. They work quite well, but SFO is kind of a tech centre… head out into the less populous areas and tap to pay doesn’t exist.


    I love my TransferWise card. The service is amazing.

    Ricky Nolan

    Upbank is in Google pay and zero overseas transactions. Still waiting for a bank to do zero overseas atm transactions.

    Adrian Lee

    ING instantly rebates international transactions and ATM withdrawal fees if you deposit $1000 a month and make 5 card purchases. Was super handy on my overseas trip.

    Tom Morley

    Up has scratched overseas ATM fees. Only bank I use now!


    Xinja has no foreign ATM fees either.

    Travelers cards might go the same way as travellers cheques.