The other day it was confirmed that OPPO would be launching the Find X2 in Barcelona a couple of days before MWC. As we head towards that date there will undoubtedly be quite a few leaks of the device as it is no doubt in testers’ hands in various locations.

Overnight we have seen a few screenshots leak onto Weibo showing details of the display. The Find X2 was already rumoured to have a 120Hz QHD+ display but the images (screenshots and photos) from overnight “confirm” this. The live image firstly confirms the hole punch curved display along with 120Hz refresh rate and something to do with HDR support which is apparently the ability to upscale SDR content to HDR — let us know if you can confirm this based on the images. It also shows that there is a slight curve to the edge of the display on the Find X2.

The leak also apparently confirms a 240Hz touch sampling rate and a dedicated display chip — type etc uncertain at this stage. The user will be able to set their display to either 60Hz or 120Hz or automatic where the refresh rate changes based on the content being displayed.

While there is not much new in this leak it confirms what was already known about the display. This display along with all the other expected specs and features of the Find X2 will hopefully result in an amazing phone which will help OPPO be successful in the ultra premium segment — we need more options than just Samsung and Google in our market.

Source: XDA Developers.