It is no surprise that Samsung will be releasing a new set of Galaxy Buds at Unpacked 2020 in just a few days time but what it surprising is how much the new Galaxy Buds+ have leaked. Today a retail box of them, in a video, along with quite a few photos have surfaced.

Leaker Roland Quandt has managed to purchase the Galaxy Buds+ online — yes, purchase — and has of course shared images and a video of them via his Twitter page:

According to his other Tweets the lack of ANC was not an issue as they fit his ears quite well — I’d still prefer ANC myself — and the incoming call sound was great but his outgoing voice apparently sounded nasally and there was a lot of ambient noise interference for the person on the other end of the phone call.

Apparently the sound is better than last year — as you would expect given the bigger tweeters and included woofer. The battery life is also apparently improved with Roland saying that he had 54 percent battery left after a full three and a half hours of listening to loud punk music — that was to be expected given the larger battery in this year’s buds.

In just two days from now everything will be official and although we seem to know everything there is to know about the Samsung devices being announced I am still excited to hear it from Samsung themselves.

Tune in to Ausdroid Wednesday morning when you wake up where we will have all the relevant news and information from the Unpacked event scheduled for 6am (AEDT) Wednesday.