We have seen so many people leak details and images about the Samsung Galaxy Flip — so why not Samsung themselves? During an ad break at the Oscars today (night time in LA) Samsung ran a spot with an unnamed phone in it.

The unnamed phone is obviously the Galaxy Flip although Samsung do not mention any name during the ad itself. There is no voice over either telling us what the phone is but of course by now we all know what it is. There is fine print though saying the crease in the display is normal.

The ad shows how a phone call will be displayed on the secondary display on the outside of the flip phone and answered from here — I wonder if just opening the phone can be used as a trigger to answer the phone?

We also get a look at how Samsung will be using the tall display with their inbuilt applications — in this case Google Duo. The 6.7-inch tall display will present a challenge for many developers but we hope that there is any easy way for them to implement this new display ratio as the form factor looks incredibly enticing.

Of course the ad ends with text advertising the Unpacked event on Wednesday morning (Australian time) — for you though all you need to do is jump onto our website when you wake up for all the details and any local information available at the time.