We all know there is an OPPO Find X2 on the way but recent leaks have suggested that there is also a pro version in the works. Very little is known about the Pro version and what differentiates it from the standard Find X2 but now at least we have some idea of the specs we expect to see on the Pro version, whenever it is released.

An OPPO phone with the same codename as the Find X2 Pro showed up on Geekbench housing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (and thus supporting 5G) and 12GB of RAM. You would expect a phone with these on board would have some amazing scores — and it did. The single-core score of 913 and the multi-core score of 3308 are the highest we have ever seen from an Android phone on the version 5 of Geekbench.

The phone is also running Android 10, which to us is not a surprise given that it has been a while since Android 10 was released and OPPO are in the midst of updating some of their 2019 phones to Android 10 as we speak.

It is still a mystery the difference between the two SKUs of the Find X2 but we suspect here may be a small tick in RAM and possibly a camera bump between the two. At this stage it is unclear when we will find out given that OPPO were meant to announce the Find X2 at MWC which has now been cancelled.

Hopefully we get both versions here in Australia especially when ColorOS 7 is meant to be another improvement in their software skin and the OPPO phones offer great value for money.