One of the big knocks on wireless Qi charging in the past has been how slow it was. We have seen this change with manufacturers releasing wireless charging capabilities which are getting faster and faster. Recently we have seen a couple of manufacturers announce 30W fast wireless charging — OPPO is one of these.

Recently a user/tester/staff member released screenshots of the wireless charging settings from the OPPO Find X2. If your Chinese is a bit rusty like mine the screenshots below have been translated for us by IT Home. The text in the screenshots says that the phone will also support reverse wireless charging and the ability to change the functionality of the wireless charging including:

  • Disable when the battery is too low
  • Offset reminder
  • Optimize during sleep

The screenshot also says that the Find X2 will only support the OPPO wireless charger for the 30W speeds which is not surprising given the technology involved. The Find X2’s wired 65W charging will obviously also require its own charger — which will of course be included in the box with the phone. The 30W wireless charger is able to charge a 4,000mAh battery to full in just 80 minutes. The OPPO Find X2 will still be compatible with the Qi standard supporting 5W and 10W wireless charging.

At this stage, since the cancellation of MWC it is unclear just when the Find X2 will be announced by OPPO but we hope it is soon given the hype that has built up surrounding it. We are assuming that it will make it here to Australia and after getting all excited for 30W wireless charging I really hope the wireless charger does too.

Is anyone here interested in checking out the OPPO Find X2? Will it have enough innovation (yes, I was hoping for an in-display selfie camera) to get you to buy it, given that OPPO tend to be able to match the premium flagships in just about everything, except price?

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Rather then releasing more of the terrible OPPO’s UI based phones, they should consider bringing One Plus brand to Australia.