OPPO is expected to announce their first smartwatch on March 6 alongside the Find X2. That expectation seems to be spot on with today the official OPPO app for the device allowing reservations to buy the watch.

The smartwatch will then be released on March 6, available to consumers on the same day as the announcement. The device is expected to release as a part of OPPO’s bigger portfolio of what is expected to be a range of IoT devices.

It should not surprise that OPPO is looking to release a large range of smart IoT devices given that their now-sister company and former sub-brand, realme, announced just earlier this week that they would be releasing over 20 such devices this year alone.

Very little is known about the watch except for the general shape of it — very similar to the Apple watch and the Fitbit Versa — a shape that many people have grown to love. The display will also be an OLED display underneath 3D curved glass.

Whatever the case you can be sure that the OPPO smartwatch will offer great value for money given their prowess at building decent hardware. As for software it is unknown just what software it will run but we are expecting, and hoping, that it will run Google’s Wear OS — fingers crossed on that one.

We do expect it to arrive in Australia sometime, possibly alongside the Find X2 as an incentive / bonus when purchasing. Keep an eye out for both of them not just next week at the announcement but also here in Australia where we expect both to land very soon.