Sennheiser has this evening announced a follow-up for their Momentum True Wireless earphones, adding active noise cancellation and 7 hours of battery life.

Personal audio – headphones, earphones, earbuds and everything in between – is a major battleground in 2020 and Sennheiser’s reputation for quality precedes them.

Momentum True Wireless 2 brings a slight update to the original design, shaving 2mm off the earbud for a more comfortable fit.

Sennheiser’s earbuds carry 7mm dynamic drivers and built-in graphic equaliser capabilities that you can control it with an app on your phone.

Like many true wireless earphones in the last year, the big new addition here is Active Noise Cancellation. These earphones will work to provide high-quality sound even in noisy environments. Earphones are generally less effective at this than over-ear headphones, but the number of manufacturers adopting the feature points to healthy development of the feature in the next few years. We’ve already seen great strides in this from Sony, Apple and others so we’re expecting great things from Sennheiser here.

The addition of ANC also usually brings the inverse, where the feature can be flipped and used to amplify or pass through sounds from the outside world in case you’re moving through an area that requires your full attention. Sennheiser calls this mode Transparent Hearing.

You’ll get 7 hours run time from the buds on a single charge and the case also stores an extra 28 hours to keep you going.

Finally, the most important details – colours and availability.

Momentum True Wireless 2 will be available in April in black at $499. If black isn’t your thing, sit tight – there’ll be a white version released at a later date.

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Sorry, but right price is 299,95 dollars.

Daniel Narbett

In which currency?