True wireless headphones have come a long way in a few short years. Now they can deliver amazing sound with noise cancelling along with comfort resulting in a great experience, much like their over-ear varieties have done for many more years. Sony have been right at the pointy end of consumer headphones for a number of years and had a hit with their first foray into the true wireless scene with the WF-1000XM3.

Now they are following that up with another set of headphones that are once again noise cancelling but also add some impressive features to make them ideal for the exercise and sports enthusiast — the WF-SP800N.

The new WF-SP800N offer an IP55 water, sweat and dust resistant rating to allow the user to feel comfortable wearing them without having to worry about them getting a bit wet or sweaty even during the most intense exercise.

The design includes a new “soft-cushioned arc supporter and three-dimensional curved design” which is meant to deliver a more secure, comfortable fit, something definitely required when working out.

The small in-ear headphones are able to deliver an amazing nine hours of music on a single charge with a charging case providing an extra 18 hours of music playback on top of that — and that is with noise cancelling turned on the entire time! If the earbuds run out of charge a quick 10 minutes of charge can provide up to 60 minutes of music playback.

The noise cancelling combined with the EXTRA BASS give an amazing sound that is not drowned out by surrounding noise and with the companion app the level of noise cancellation can be adjusted up or down, as can the amount of bass delivered.

The Sony WF-SP800N also come with some impressive smart features including Adaptive Smart Control which automatically adjusts ambient sound settings to suit the environment you are listing within — ie. how much outside noise you let in. Of course there is also the now ever-present voice assistant support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Gestures on each earbud can also be used to control the music including play, stop, skip and adjusting the volume. Wear detection is present so that the music / media stops when one of the earbuds are detected to not be in an ear — we wonder whether you can set it to just use a single earbud, something I do often when listening to podcasts.

Unfortunately the new Sony WF-SP800N true wireless, noise cancelling headphones will not be available in Australia until Q3 of this year, although that is just two months away. They will be available in a black, white, blue and orange colour once they do make it here for $449.95. Not cheap but Sony have backed up their prices with the best sounds in the business as of late, it will be interesting to see if these live up to that expectation as well.

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Other articles list them as less expensive than the wf-1000xm3 earbuds which are retailing at 299, 450 seems a big price difference… Also battery times don’t match official website


Yes you’re right I am quoting USD
Articles and Sony’s US website list sp800n @ 199 USD
In the same article compare to 1000xm3 listed @ 230 USD (looking into it Sony’s US website has 1000xm3 listed a@ 199usd too currently)
Sony’s Australian website lists xm3 @ 319 AUD
Maybe we’re getting xm3 at a heavily reduced price but it just doesn’t add up to me


Tempting, except for the price, but i guess you pay for quality. Will you be doing a review?