Viber is one of the leaders in the chasing pack of messaging options. They’ve had a continual development of features and functionality, without some of the media hype around competitors like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Their latest addition is the capability to hold video calls with up to 20 participants launching soon.

It’s a step forward from their previously existing group audio calls, introducing video not just for social purposed but extending to potential group sessions for work or play.

Whether chefs running cooking classes or yoga instructors training their pupils to master breath cycles, all working groups need a platform on which to meet. With Viber’s Group Video Call feature, they can perform all these functions easily on the Viber app, with possibilities like screen sharing and video broadcasting for both mobile and desktop devices.

Rakuten Viber Messenger
Rakuten Viber Messenger

The new feature is set to grace both the mobile and desktop apps for Viber users and it’s as easy as

  1. Tap the new “video” button added to the top of the screen, or simply add more participants to an ongoing video call.
  2. Enjoy seeing and talking with friends, family members, or colleagues.

It’s another step forward for a big name in messaging and shows a continued effort to deliver good customer experience to their users.

What features would Viber need to add in order to lure you from your preferred messaging platform?