Some may find these videos by JerryRigEverything a little unsettling. To dismember a phone for our entertainment — let’s face it the knowledge gained is minimal — is sometimes painful viewing. The latest phone to undergo the torture treatment is the OPPO Find X2 Pro.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro was announced about six weeks ago and is set to be launched into the Australian market “soon”. It has a lot of people (more than I expected to be honest) watching closely for its release given that it will support 5G, looks amazing in the orange “vegan leather” (since when did vegan leather become a thing? Isn’t it just the old fauz leather?), and has the best camera of any Android smartphone available here (well, it will be soon).

JerryRigEverything not only unboxed the OPPO Find X2 Pro but also took to it with various implements of destruction. Every phone always fails these tests in some way or another — it’s about just when it fails. At what level does the display start scratching, scraping, burning, bending and otherwise putting a phone through various other torture tests?

The display that is gorgeous to look at fared well, not scratching until level six (which is a high level) with deep scratches only appearing at level seven — and the finger print sensor under the display continued to function. The sides of the body fared well as well but the issues occurred with the vegan leather back — apparently vegan leather is a fake leather that feels real (as opposed to faux leather which is …..real?).

The vegan leather rear of the device, as you would expect did not like the razor blade attacking it — don’t keep an open blade in your pocket I think is the take away here — but with everyday objects such as keys, the charging brick and a “torn down taptic linear actuator” that do not have “super sharp points” it “holds up very well”.

The rear camera module is always something I am very careful about not scratching but the rear module on the Find X2 Pro handled the razor blade well and did not scratch. The display handled the burning well — limit its burning time to under 40 seconds and you should be fine. The bend test failed to produce any failure too so it should survive being in the pocket of your skinny jeans to some degree.

All in all the OPPO Find X2 Pro survived very well and when you consider most of these tests and far and away more than most of us will subject their phones to on a daily basis it is a great result. While you would expect a phone that starts at around the $1599 mark to survive some torture tests it is good to see it “proven” by someone who enjoys torturing beautiful tech.

Keep an eye out for the Find X2 Pro coming hopefully soon — it is still unclear just when but given it has released in Europe now we expect we shouldn’t have too long to wait for its arrival.