Qualcomm’s latest addition to their Snapdragon family of Mobile SOC’s is a new entry in the middle of their mid-tier 700 series, the Snapdragon 732G. This non-5G enabled SOC provides enhanced gaming performance over the original 730G series while maintaining a more affordable price tag.

The SD732G will bring a few enhancements over its predecessor with an increase in clock speed to 2.3GHz up from 2.2GHz, as well as 15% improvement in GPU performance with the Adreno 618GPU. The 732G is officially a part of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite Gaming sub-brand touting AI-enhanced gaming experience.

While traditionally most of the attention and excitement in the mobile processor is focused at the top tier, it is the 700 series that has us most excited this year. With the promise of solid performance, good battery life and modern architectures, the 700 series maybe the vanguard of the affordable device we all deserve.