Mobvoi has tonight launched its premium Wear OS device powered by the latest Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. The TicWatch 3 is available today and hopefully signifies a leap forward in Wear OS hardware.

The third generation premium watch from Mobvoi is packing the best Wear OS has to offer including the latest Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform (not the Wear 4100+), 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and an impressive 577mAh internal battery.

The Pro continues to offer Mobvois dual-display technology featuring both a 1.4 inch 455 x 455 AMOLED display and an Always-ON FSTN (LCD) display. With Wear OS traditionally having poor battery performance the TicWatch Pro 3 is claiming up to 72 hours battery life with the AMOLED display and 45 days utilising the LCD.

While this battery life would definitely be using more than favourable settings, this represents a true opportunity for 24-hour battery life. Of course, longer battery life is only half the story with the Ticwatch claiming to be 85% faster with 2.5 x graphics performance.

With wearables firmly moving into the fitness space Mobvoi has also included the standard heart rate sensor but has now packed in a blood oxygen saturation meter. With Mobvoi’s bundled health and fitness apps you can monitor your sleep, track your workouts and track all of your health data all without a tethered phone.

Somehow Mobvoi has managed to pack all of this into a device that is both lighter and thinner than their original devices. Measuring in at 12.2 mm thick and only 42 grams the TicWatch Pro 3 maintains the same two button design with interchangeable 22mm bands.

The TicWatch Pro 3 is on sale now from either Mobvoi or Amazon for AU$449.99. For those tracking prices it was announced as US$299.99, making the Australian price exactly where it typically sits after currency conversion, GST and ‘local costs’.

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still no Digital crown in 2020 🙁


I would have rushed to upgrade my TicWatch Pro (original) with this one if they had used 4100+ rather than 4100. Time to sit tight and see what Fossil release.


isn’t 4100+ only different by adding extra support for AOD. which this watch doesn’t require.

Phill Edwards

“Opportunity for 24-hour battery life”? So even with the latest chipset and Wear OS software, getting 24 hour battery life is still considered an achievement? Your expectations are far too low. Time to look at alternatives like Tizen or Garmin devices.

Colin Jones

No LTE version for Australia?


their amazon store has Gen 1 LTE version. using it since 1 month without issues with Telstra