With the TicWatch Pro 3 seemingly effortlessly staking the crown of best Wear OS watch ever released, and perhaps the first fully consumer-ready Wear OS device we have heard cries asking for an LTE variant. We’ve been contacted by readers begging us to find out if there will be a cellular version.

Well, it looks like we have unofficial good news, according to some super sleuthing from XDA around the Google Play Console there is indeed a similar specced LTE variant of the TicWatch Pro 3 in the works. While there’s no official news, it’s unsurprising with Mobvoi following a similar pattern in recent years.

The new Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform SOC that is in the TicWatch Pro 3 seems to have provided exactly the improvements in battery life, responsiveness and usability we have been wanting for Wear OS since the release of the original Moto 360. While we are still waiting for a review device what we are seeing leaves us confident that Mobvoi now sells the best Wear OS device bar none.

The ESIM enabled version of the TicWatch Pro 3 has all of the same specs and features, although XDA did question if GPS would be dropped to fit in the ESIM. Considering the phoneless use-case for an LTE enabled wearable and the fact that last years LTE version kept GPS we think it’s unlikely that GPS would be dropped.

Hopefully, Mobvoi makes an announcement soon, with Fossil expected/ hoped to be bringing a Gen 6 platform to market in the near future Mobvoi has an opportunity to just own the Wear OS space until that happens, and a 4G variant is certainly something consumers seem to want.

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Is it worth buying an esim device in Australia if it’s not sold by your network? I don’t want to waste the extra money just to find that Optus only supports esim for Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch. Been eyeing off the ticwatch pro for a long time and if the LTE model is about to come out I’ll get that, but only if I can actually use it


Been sitting on the fence with this one and although the performance is great also hearing a lot bad experiences relating to the watch just dying. I appreciate teething issues but apparently Mobvoi ain’t doing a good job of rectifying the issue for impacted customer. Also not a fan of how aggressive their tic app integration is…it really pisses ticks me off. When will we have a great smartwatch for android????

Sean Schmirgal

I’ve had the TicWatch pro 3 GPS for 2 weeks. I’d been using a Garmin vivoactive and then an amazefit Stratos 2.. For the last few years. The watch has heart rate sensors and an oxygen sensor. I thought it was the bees knees… Until the heart rate monitors failed. I filed a warranty claim with mobvoi thinking it would be a smooth process. Boy was I wrong.. They claim the watch isn’t water resistant even though they claim it to be rated at ip68. Being honest I told them its a beautiful watch.. I had been washing my hands… Read more ยป

Tom Sekulic

It’s time to lodge a complaint with consumer affairs. How can a watch be OK to swim with and not be able to resist water while washing hands?!

I’ve never had such issue with my Fitbit Versa 2. Their customer service is *AMAZING!*
When screen died on my Versa 1 they replaced it with Versa 2, no questions asked and also received an apology for device failing under warranty.


Now that is exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, with Mobvoi not having an office in Australia, we can’t expect that level of customer service from them. When I bought my first TicWatch Pro, they had Live Chat on their website which has now been replaced by a ticket system.

Matt Sayer

Having owned tic watch se, pro and now the pro3 I can also confirm that the performance is amazingly fast and smooth, and somehow they have managed to get even better battery performance when in active mode


For anyone wondering about the performance of the TicWatch Pro 3 (TWPro3), I have been using mine for the past 2 weeks. And the performance is amazing. For example, in my original TWPro which had the SD2100 processor, opening Play Store on the watch would take at least 5-10 seconds. On the TWPro3, it takes less than a second. Similar performance when opening Google Pay. The SD4100 most definitely makes this the best wearOS smartwatch on the market.

Michael Reville

Have you used a galaxy watch 3 (or active 2)? Any thoughts on how they compare? Cheers


Sorry, mate. I have always been a WearOS person. To get the best out of Galaxy Watch, it is my understanding that you need to have a Samsung phone. Which I do at the moment but not guaranteed to be the case in the future. Since I was upgrading from the original TWPro, it was easier to compare the two. As mentioned, the performance is incredible. And the battery life is not too shabby either. TWPro3 comfortably gets through 4 days of standard usage.

Michael Reville

What are the chances of it working with Telstra One Number??


using tic watch 4g lte on Telstra (prepaid stand alone), I’m sure ‘one number’ can be activated just like a galaxy watch. but can’t confirm as i’m prepaid user