TPG is aiming to challenge Telstra’s carbon nuetral phone brand Belong with it’s own new carbon neutral renewable energy powered brand Felix Mobile.

Using the Vodafone 3G/4G network it’s rumoured that Felix will offer just 1 plan: $35/month for unlimited calls/SMS, unlimited data speed-limited to 5mbps and overseas calls/SMS to some countries for $5 extra.

While they have little information on their website looking at the indexed pages on Google reveals the likely capped data speed, Australian-based support team and payment methods accepted.

Felix aims to be a digital only service like Circles.Life so you have to signup for a SIM card via their app. It’s yet to be clear if there will be a phone number to call but it’s likely support will just be via online chat/email.

What do you think of Felix Mobile? Does the idea of an environmentally friendly mobile carrier appeal?