OPPO have become one of the more innovative smartphone companies these days which is represented by their ever-growing market share. Each year they show off their new technologies to the world giving us a taste of what is to come.

Last year at OPPO’s INNO Day they introduced us to their in-display selfie camera and although we are still yet to see that in a consumer device it apparently is not far away. This year’s INNO Day is this week and we expect OPPO to show off some cool new things.

Starting this Tuesday evening and finishing off the following day this year’s INNO Day has the “Leap into the Future” theme with a focus on their 5G strategy.

There has been some rumours that Levin Lou, VP of OPPO, will unveil three new concept devices and “two sets of technical systems”. OPPO will also explain their direction and how they plan to integrate technologies not just into their phones but also into our lives.

What do we expect to see in these concept phones? We expect to see a final in-display camera, a rear camera with 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom and a continuous optical zoom module.

We saw OPPO bring 65W wired charging to their devices in the past 12 months and at INNO day they are expected to announce their 125W wireless charging and 65W wireless charging — I’m not sure why you would ever need both to be honest. If a phone charges at 125W, given the speed of 65W charging, it would be able to charge from 0 to close to 100% in just 15minutes — and get a full days worth of charge in 5-10 minutes. Why would you then need 65W wireless charging? 65W is not top-up charging.

Personally I’ll take the 125W wired charging as the charger will arrive in the box and you won’t have to go out and buy a separate charger because you can be sure the 65W wireless charging will need a specific OPPO wireless charger.

What else arrives at INNO Day is a mystery at this stage but you can be sure it will be interesting and right up our alleyway. While the concepts are usually a year or two away from commercial availability it is great to see what the future may hold for us — who doesn’t like innovative tech?