ECOVACS make some great robot vacuums and we have tried out a few of them here at Ausdroid. Unfortunately the entry into the robot vacuum world is not cheap for many of the better solutions. ECOVACS has introduced a new vacuum which is not only much more affordable but designed to be used to clean up after pets.

The new DEEBOT U2 PRO arrives with the ability to vacuum and mop along with a 150 minutes battery — I dare say that is long enough to clean even the biggest house (that any of us own that is). The suction strength of the vacuum, when switched to Max+ Mode, delivers a 2.5 times increase in the suction power to handle some of the more demanding tasks required of a robot vacuum.

It comes with a Pet Care Kit which includes a new tangle-free brush and ECOVACS’ largest ever dust bin (800ml XL Dustbin) which can be swapped out for the mopping system and normal brush, depending on your requirements at the time.

Considering that 2020 has seen a 45% increase in dog adoptions and a 20% increase in cat adoptions when compared to RSPCA data from 2019 this new pet-oriented robot vacuum may be just what households need as we head into the hotter weather and many of these pets start shedding.

As with all ECOVACS vacuums being released there is support for Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands.

Priced at a RRP of just $599 from the DEEBOT U2 PRO might be just the vacuum you need to keep all that hair in your house under control.