Samsung have in recent years released their Galaxy S line in late February but next year looks to be different with Samsung set to announce it early January. As you would expect with an announcement so close we are starting to see more and more leaks showing up.

Overnight we have seen Winfuture reveal official renders of the Galaxy S21 and the S21+ showing off some huge camera modules once again.

The renders also show off the colours that the devices will be available in with the Galaxy S21 coming in a Phantom Grey, a Phantom White along with a Phantom Violet along with a pinkish hue that doesn’t seem to have a name just yet.

The renders also demonstrate three large cameras on the rear of the device and we expect them to once again produce some amazing images — hopefully this time Samsung have the software ready to go upon release rather than update it after everyone has reviewed and purchased their devices.

The Galaxy S21+ renders show off an S21+ in a colour that is a lot closer to black than that of the S21 Phantom Grey. It appears to have a similar camera module but you can be sure that there will be differences in the specs of the lenses on the rear of these devices.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra also showed up in the leaked renders from Winfuture with the rear camera module appearing to house five difference camera lenses. The render shows the device in a Phantom Silver colour but it is also expected to arrive in a black colourway as well.

January is normally a busy time of the year for tech enthusiasts with CES on in early January and if often takes a while to process the vast array in information unloaded there. With CES switching to online next year it will still reveal a lot of new tech innovations to the world but be set for an even busier January with Samsung set to announce and release their Galaxy S21 lineup to the world.