Felix Mobile is a brand new telco operating in the mobile space and made a bit of a splash when it launched, offering unlimited data for $35 a month.

As with all deals, though, there was a catch – that unlimited data only travelled at 5mbps, barely enough to stream some SD media. Plenty for emails, casual browsing and the like … but perhaps little more.

The good news is Felix reassessed their plans and offer the same unlimited data now for $35 a month still, but the speed limit is all the way up to 20mbps now. We wrote about it just before Christmas.

For those with a keen eye, you’ll note that 20mbps is well above the entry level NBN speed of 12mbps, and awfully close to the standard plan speed of 25mbps.

At those speeds, you can stream high definition media and handle the needs of a couple of people. For $35 a month, that’s a bargain.

While using Felix Mobile’s service for home internet use would probably put you in breach of their terms of use, especially if you go bananas with it, more reasonable sensible use is likely to be ignored.

If you don’t do a lot of streaming and your internet needs are pretty basic, would an unlimited connection at 20mbps meet your needs?

Let us know in the comments.

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The plan is crap
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