AGL today launched AGL Mobile, adding telco services to AGL’s energy and recently-announced broadband offerings.

As with the NBN plans recently announced by AGL, the big draw to the new mobile plans are included discounts for bundling with an AGL energy plan. Plans are month-to-month with no cancellation fees, however porting your phone number out may incur an additional charge.

AGL Mobile plans are as follows:

  • $20/mo, 5GB data, no included international calling credit
  • $35/mo, 20GB data, $50 included international calls
  • $45/mo, 50GB data, $300 included international calls

Each plan can be discounted by $5 per month when bundled with an AGL Energy account. Extra data is charged at $10 per GB. Standard national talk and texts are unlimited at every plan tier. Currently these SIM plans cannot be used overseas (but you can call overseas numbers from Australia, depending on your inclusion).

AGL Mobile plans are on the Optus network with 3G and 4G Plus connectivity options, so network coverage is (broadly) the same as if you were on an Optus plan. Note, though, there’s no 5G access with AGL Mobile (or any other Optus MVNOs at this stage).

Overall, these plans represent decent value if you can take advantage of the $5 discount, and are still reasonably competitive with most other options of the market without the discount.

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    Palo Verde

    not exactly screaming value for money is it?
    and rather late to the party with no outstanding features.

    Chris Rowland

    Sadly with MVNOs it needs to be a unique offer or people won’t care, and offering a small discount to AGL energy customers probably isn’t the hook that’ll work.

    Offering unlimited data like felix at a low cost is the kind of hook that works.


    I’m not sure if AGL Mobile is really that good value. Spintel has a $25 plan that offers 4 times the data of AGL’s $20 plan, and they also have a $35 plan that gives you 40GB versus AGL’s 20GB. Spintel also offers 5G plans, which I believe they might be the only Optus MVNO to offer it at this stage. It’s priced the same as that top AGL Mobile plan ($45 for 50GB) too. Plus, at the moment they’re doing $5/month off for the first 6 months. I can’t wait for Aussie Broadband to launch their new mobile plans.… Read more »

    Neerav Bhatt

    You’re right. AGL Mobile is not great value for money. They’re probably aiming for customers who want fewer bills and are willing to pay more for that simplicity


    Spintel is one Optus MVNO with 5G access –