Aldi Mobile today announced $15 and $25 plans available in store, joining the existing $35 and $45 plans.

Like existing plans, these new offers include unlimited standard national calls, texts and MMS, continuous data rollover, no lock-in contracts and 30 day expiry. Aldi Mobile uses parts of Telstra’s network, meaning excellent coverage and speeds.

The $25 plan also adds unlimited standard calls and texts to 15 international countries, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Hong Kong, and China, among others.

$15 per month nets you 3GB of data, which isn’t much for some people, but might be an inexpensive option for many users. The $25 plan provides a much more generous 20GB per month.

If you’re looking to switch, you can do so at your local Aldi store, on the website here, or in the Aldi Mobile app if you’re an existing customer.

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    Andrew Priest

    Whilst it is on Telstra and that is good, it does not provide full Telstra coverage. If you want or need full coverage, Boost is the best option.


    yeah, but they have added free calls to countries now,,big whoop, the data is what you want and need not international call crap..they are doing this as telstra has so is boost and so on, as they get their service via telstra

    Paul Warner

    The $15 plan would be fine for me . I’m mostly in a WiFi area and don’t make a great deal pf phone calls. (have landline for that)


    Aren’t these the existing plans? I’ve been on the $25 plan for a long time now.


    Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing? I’ve been bouncing around between the $35, $25 and $15 for the past few months. Maybe the key word is ‘In-Store’?