At today’s media launch for their 2021 range of TV’s LG announced that the highly anticipated LG SIGNATURE R1 Rollable OLED TV is available for Australians to pre-order online at LG Australia from July 2021.

Custom made and custom ordered within six to eight weeks, Australian consumers with $130,000 to spare will have the opportunity to own the world’s first and only rollable TV, which features LG’s flexible OLED display technology.

Modern TV’s are huge and when they’re turned off the massive black screen dominates a room to the detriment of all other design aspects.

Hopefully this technology can reduce in price (a lot!) over time and be affordable within a few years for those of us who don’t own luxury mansions.

A revolutionary new experience, the LG R1 Rollable OLED TV features ground-breaking technology that not only reimagines what a TV is capable of but revolutionises the way people use their space.

The ultra-thin flexible OLED screen rolls into a state-of-the-art sound system and features the company’s self-lit pixel technology. LG OLED creates a vivid life-like image through millions of pixels that turn on and off to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast, delivering a realistic viewing experience without the restrictions of backlight technology.

The unit is a work of art fit to match a luxury home, with the TV appearing when needed and disappearing when not.

The display can roll out to three different heights – Full View, Line View and Zero View, each with a unique purpose but all with a stylish look that complements any space.

In addition, users can control the TV via voice command thanks to built-in LG ThinQ, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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with that price tag, not many show rooms will dare to put a display model. less than .01% market might buy it.
no wonder their mobile division gave up, soon their TV space might see same fate


please their marketshare globally for TV is top 3 in nearly every market and their OLED TV’s are universally accepted as having the best available picture quality by review sites. Nothing like their mobile division


so was their mobile division was once next to samsung


In the 90’s and early 2000’s before smartphones yes. LG TV’s are a major market player and will continue to be with innovation like the rollable TV


doesn’t matter if they sell 1000 or 100, its the same as Microsoft surface board which costed $50000 vs ipad which costed $500. if they would have spent the same R&D on the their TV OS, they would have been in better place.