Philips has released a new range of projectors featuring a range of smart feaures. Offering Android TV for quick connection, the PicoPix MICRO2TV and NeoPix ULTRA 2TV have a built-in ChromeCast and Google Assistant for users to seamlessly stream their favourite movies, TV shows or games.

Both the NeoPix ULTRA2TV and PicoPix MICRO2TV includes Android TV for quick connection to a user’s favourite content. With built-in Google ChromeCast, it’s easy to cast directly to the projector or connect to Google Assistant for voice control. Each projector can be easily connected via Wi-Fi for a seamless set up in any room, or anywhere.


The new NeoPix ULTRA2TV projects an exceptional picture with Full HD 1080p resolution and its unique sealed LED engine, built to deliver 75 per cent more brightness, focus and accurate colours.

The Keystone 4 corner correction and digital zoom corrections help to eliminate crooked and distorted images, projected to a 100inch-wide display.

Place the projector anywhere and still receive a perfectly proportioned image even if the device is not positioned straight in front of a wall, making it perfect for pop-up movie night, gaming or special sporting events at home.

The new model is the brightest in the NeoPix family of home projectors and includes inbuilt stereo speakers with DSP to provide a clear bass with super sound and a clearer picture so viewers can immerse themselves while binge-watching their favourite shows and films.


The new PicoPix MICRO2TV is the portable projector that lets you take your content with you.

Weighing just 625 grams, the PicoPix MICRO2TV can easily be taken anywhere and includes built-in stereo speakers and USB type C and HDMI ports for content sharing. The small design has a 480p resolution to stream user’s favourite shows, films and gaming, projected to an 80-inch display.

There is no need to worry about battery life with a 12,000mAh battery offering up to 5 hours of play time, perfect for watching a movie or the latest series. Simply use GoogleCast or ask Google Assistant through the voice activated remote and display all your media files, removing the need for cables.

The Philips PicoPix MICRO2TV is priced at $899 and the Philips NeoPix ULTRA2TV at $999.

Considering the small price difference the ULTRA2TV is clearly the better buy for image quality as it has Full HD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution vs the MICRO2TV’s much lower SD 480P (640×480) resolution.

For stockist enquiries please visit or contact 1800 251 367.

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I would really love to see sub-standard devices such as the MICRO2TV, fail to make it to the design concept stage, and most definitely not past it. 640×480 is massively too low a res for PC, TV, video, or gaming.
If a projector cannot natively do 1080p, then the sole mention it should warrant, is a ‘Do not even think of buying this device’ warning.


Could be for professional setting and portable meeting devices. Not sure anyone would care of a PowerPoint presentation is in 480p. More importantly the price differential suggests it’s a dud buy.