One of the things that has proven true over time is that last year’s premium becomes this year’s more affordable and so on. The same is true with robotic vacuums; what once was only available in an expensive package is increasingly becoming available for much less, and the new Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro further proves this maxim.

Available for just $799, you’re getting premium features found in robot vacuums at twice the price. For example, Deebot N8 Pro comes with:

  • the ability to avoid obstacles with proprietary TrueDetect 3D detection technology
  • strong suction power to pick up every last crumb
  • renowned TrueMapping mapping and navigation technology and ECOVACS Home App interface for full customisation and control
  • the ability to not only vacuum, but also mop at the same time – avoiding carpets in this process.

Like me, perhaps you didn’t think you needed (or would get value) from a robotic vacuum, but let me tell you, you’re probably wrong. As I write this, in fact, I have a Deebot going to town on my place cleaning the kitchen, hallways, entranceway, and even my office (I’ll lift my feet up when he comes in here). The amount of time and stress I save myself not vacuuming these high traffic areas is worth every cent.

Considering 40% of households vacuum several times a week (if not multiple times a day), that’s a lot of time you can get back to do other things. Sure, there are still places I’ll vacuum by hand (kids rumpus room, our bedroom, etc), these aren’t places that we vacuum as often, so I don’t mind doing them every so often. However, for the high traffic areas, I’m more than happy to leave it to the robot to take care of.

“When we entered the Australian market almost four years ago, we were stunned to learn how many people had a negative perception regarding the effectiveness of robotic vacuum cleaners. We were determined to turn this around and by launching the ECOVACS DEEBOT robot vacuums, packed full of the latest innovations and critical new technologies could truly bring convenience into people’s lives,” Karen Powell, Head of ECOVACS ROBOTICS in Australia and New Zealand.

“The DEEBOT N8 PRO epitomises our determination to change people’s minds and break down notions of what is possible. It delivers premium features that not long ago were seen on our high-end products, in a package that is more affordable than ever before. We will continue to innovate and demonstrate how robot vacuums are now easy to use, deliver a deep clean and provide a very real convenience, especially to those many Australians who we know vacuum more than a few times every week.”

There’s a number of myths about robot vacuums too – like not having enough suction, that you still need to mop certain areas by hand (not so, Deebot can mop), that they often get stuck and need to be freed (only happens occasionally, and usually only if you leave gnarly things around), or that they miss spots and are inefficient.

Fact is, our robot vacuum is methodical, gets into every corner, rarely misses anything, and even when it does sometimes get stuck, it can usually free itself without the need for human intervention. The times it’s gotten really stuck are when it’s vacuumed up a loose phone charger, a sock, or one too many hair elastics. Most other things it manages to avoid, or not suck up at all.

Having a robot vacuum that can look after stuff whether you’re home or not is a great addition to your home, and for just $799 from Godfreys, JB HiFi and The Good Guys, Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro is a great investment.

For added automation, you can add an auto empty station (so you don’t need to empty the on-board dustbin all the time) for $399.