If you’ve ever wanted to wirelessly charge your Android phone without it slipping off a desk or fall off your car vent holder because of a bump, Mophie has a solution with it’s new snap adapters and associated range of home, portable and car charging gadgets.

Using a snap adapter you can easily upgrade your Android phone to work with magsafe chargers, which is handy if your household has a mix of recent model Android and iPhones that can charge wirelessly.

The two metallic rings included in the box add snap compatibility to any Qi wireless charge enabled smartphone.

The magnetic rings also mean instant compatibility with snap and snap+ accessories. With snap, wireless charging is simplified and you can easily attach or detach other snap accessories.

  • Convenient Mounting System – Add the versatility and flexibility of a magnetic mounting system. Attach or detach accessories in seconds.
  • Magnetic Positioning – Quickly aligns on wireless accessories so you always hit that charging sweet spot.
  • Works with All Phones Snap is a simple upgrade solution for any Qi-enabled smartphone so any phone can be compatible with MagSafe and snap/snap+ wireless accessories.
  • Includes Two Adapters – Add snap/snap+ compatibility to two devices. It’s two upgrades in one.
  • Smartphones, iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Qi-enabled Devices

Once your family phones are Snap enabled you can charge them with the new range of Mophie Snap compatible power accessories.

Mophie’s track record is of designing power products that aren’t the fastest at charging or the cheapest but have clever designs that work in all kinds of situations.

We got review units of the Snap Adapters and Snap+ wireless pad to try out and tested them with an Oppo Find X3 Pro and LG Velvet.

Without a case attaching a snap adapter to both phones and then charging with the snap adapter worked fine for both phones on the snap+ wireless pad. The LG Velvet charged at it’s top speed which is about 10 watts, the Find X3 Pro managed 15 watts which is the top charging speed for the snap+ wireless pad.

Note that the magnetic strength of the snap adapters is quite strong and can take the adapter off the back of the phone sometimes. Clearly 3M double sided tape isn’t strong enough to beat the magnetic attraction.

If the snap adapter was under a phone case then it stayed stuck to the phone inside the case when the phone was removed from the Snap+ wireless pad. Note if used with a case it can only be up to 3mm thick.

Mophie Snap Adapters are available from JB Hi-Fi, Syntricate and may other stores online for $19.95. The Snap+ wireless pad is available for $59.95.

As mentioned before there are plenty of associated snap accessories so you can charge a magsafe enabled phone on a desk, shelf, in a car, in your pocket or on a tripod which is quite clever.