BOOST prepaid mobile customers on the $100 6 months 60GB recharge are receiving emails saying “Your Boost plan is getting an update” saying they should switch to the new $200 12 months 100GB recharge instead.

As a customer of the $100 recharge (which I have recommended to many people during COVID), I’m disappointed that this change forces customers to pay more money upfront for a longer recharge period and they get less data/month. To be fair to BOOST mobile they were probably forced to remove the better value 6 months recharges by their mobile carrier partner Telstra, which is very focused on increasing its average revenue per customer.

As a one off sweetener to retain customers BOOST is offering existing $100 recharge users the option to obtain their first $200 12 month recharge for $170 with 20GB extra data on top of the 100GB standard inclusion.

So, what’s changing?

Recharge expiry – BOOST says they have “simplified” their recharge options. All recharges will now have either a 7 day, 28 days or 12 month expiry period, depending on the recharge amount. So simplified is marketing speak for removing all 6 month recharge options and the 31 day recharge period for direct debit monthly prepaid customers.

International Calls & Text – On recharges of $30+, you’ll get heaps of standard international calls to 50 selected destinations (including unlimited calls to 20 selected destinations), plus text to all countries. The previous $100 recharge offered Unlimited International Calls & Text to 5 more destinations.

Auto recharge – for security reasons, any saved credit card details will not carry over. Once your BOOST recharge plan has been updated, you will need to set up your auto recharge again, using the new My Boost Mobile app.

There are some additional changes to plan features:

  • Premium and 1900 Numbers – Calls and SMS to Premium or 1900 numbers will no longer be available to BOOST mobile customers.
  • International Roaming – International roaming hasn’t been available on BOOST since mid last year. They plan to re-launch roaming in 2022.
  • Managing auto recharge – You will no longer be able to set up and manage auto recharge using #111#, you will need to use the My Boost Mobile app.
My Boost Mobile
My Boost Mobile
Price: To be announced