Each year tech companies often do some fun things with their devices. Ring and Nest have both added Halloween themes to their doorbell chimes this year.

Ring has a range of 9 chimes, as well as a handful of quick responses to choose from. The chimes include bats, ghosts, a howl screen, “spooky” organs, a witch cackle, a creepy laugh, a screeching cat and a creaking door. It might seem like something that’s “too hard” to change but it really isn’t and you’ll only have to do it once since the themed chimes will disappear (as they did last year) and your chime will return to defualt.

On the other side of the doorbell field, we have Nest who have a community page dedicated to the Halloween theme. Similar to Ring, there are a range of tones to spookify your house for the season:

Starting today, change your Nest Doorbell ringtone to the Halloween theme and greet your guests with an evil laugh, skeleton dance, spooky raven, boooo ghost, howling werewolf, cackling witch, and more. These ringtones are available globally on the Nest Doorbell (wired) and Nest Doorbell (battery) until November 1st, with no Nest Aware subscription required.

It’s a bit of fun from both camps, ready for Halloween and — in areas where lockdown isn’t in force — the inevitable trick or treat visitors.