While overall we’re very happy with Google’s sustained efforts in the TV space, that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten everything right. To this day searching for and installing apps (and content) on the big screen is a less than ideal proposition.

It seems Google is finally making it easier to get apps on your TV without having to fight with the lean back UI or pull out your laptop and install it via the web. You can now install Android/ Google TV apps right onto your TV/ Streaming box just like you can for Wear OS.

For any app in the Play Store that is tagged as suitable for TVs when you open that store listing in the Play Store app, you will now be able to choose to install it either on your phone, TVs, or both. This is a simple change but, a very welcomed one.

The change is live for us now, so next time you want to grab a new TV app remember there is now a better way!

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    Phill Edwards

    What was the problem installing apps? It’s easy to install apps on Google TV. You just search for the app name and install it all using the remote control.